About Us

Red Mountain Open Farm got its name from the Red Mountain, which is the hill between the Farm and Donore Village. It is believed by some researchers that the colour of the sunrise on the morning of the Winter Solstice was the original inspiration for the name of the hill over which that sunrise occurs when viewed from Newgrange. The hill is called Red Mountain.

Located just five minutes from the Newgrange Monument the Open Farm boasts the most extensive indoor facilities of all open farms in Ireland. We believe these indoor facilities are important given the unpredictable nature of our Irish weather. We have blended a range of indoor and outdoor facilities, so no matter what the weather may bring, there is lots to enjoy..

We provide a clean and very safe environment which we regard as essential.  Minders and teachers are invited to read our "Safety Rules" which are directed towards providing a fun and safe place for humans and animals alike.

We have a large outdoor picnic area with lots of picnic tables, swings, slides, and a sand pit where your Children can play while you relax over a coffee. For the not so nice days we also have a large indoor picnic area. So be sure to bring your picnic with you on the day as to make your visit with us more enjoyable.


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